White paper: The Future of Investment Promotion, 2021

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What is the future of investment promotion?

This is the question we asked some of the most renowned city and regional investment promotion agencies (IPAs) in the world: Berlin Partner, Brainport Development, Copenhagen Capacity, Helsinki Business Hub, Invest Stockholm, Montreal International, and Tel Aviv Global.

Leading up to the first ever Nordic Investment Promotion Conference, which will be held held on April 29th 2021, we decided to revisit these interviews and extract 8 recommendations to guide local and national economic development actors in their path to recovery in the post pandemic world. These recommendations highlight the strategies adopted by these seven global cities and the trends they see as important for the future of investment promotion.

Some of these recommendations relate to a changing world and economies, with technologies and the environmental crisis deeply affecting our ways of living, consuming, working, and producing. To accommodate these trends, the role of IPAs has also started to change. Instead of being the “salespeople” for their cities, regions, or nations, they are working strategically with public and private actors to facilitate the local economic ecosystems. This requires specific knowledge on the priority industries, but also knowledge of actors to connect them.

And you, how do you see the future of investment promotion?

Join the discussion on April 29th 2021, and do reach out to exchange on this exciting topic!

The report was initiated in collaboration with Copenhagen Capacity in connection with the European Talent Mobility Forum. 

Download the white paper below. Published by Place Leadership Academy for the Nordic Investment Promotion Conference.

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