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Place Leadership Training

Spring 2021
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Place Leadership training course
–A virtual bootcamp for better and more attractive places


Places matter, more than ever, and they need more leadership. Our places – towns, cities, regions, suburbs and rural villages – are the foundation of quality of life, health, happiness and economic development. 

They are, at the same time, faced by a range of challenges, such as climate change, sustainability, rapid urbanisation, segregation, uneven economic development and falling attractiveness – challenges that we need to deal with in partnership and collaboration between the public sector, companies, and community organisations.    

The training is held by Place Leadership Academy. We and our sister brand Future Place Leadership specialise in creating better, more attractive and sustainable places through innovation, marketing and leadership. 

In this course, we have gathered more than 10 years of experience of how places can be led and developed, from a wide range of assignments, research and projects all over Europe.  

Aim and setup 

The aim is to equip you with skills, perspectives and inspiration to become a better place leader. 

Every module consists of 1-1,5 hour long online sessions. We will combine presentations, interactive discussions, creative co-creation and case work and guest speakers representing hands-on cases.   

Detailed programme 

Module 1

Building the foundation. Place leadership: What is it? Why is it getting more and more important? What are the important trends to understand and harness? 

Module 2

Getting started. Change leadership – a fundamental skill set for a place leader. Co-creation and collaboration – how to lead and manage it?  

Module 3 

Building the house. Place management and place governance – what are the best solutions for your place?  

Module 4 

Improving the house. Place attractiveness, sustainability and place leadership. Place leadership in the future – what’s next? 

Optional: Module 5

Work on your own challenge or opportunity with our coaching.

Target group 

You probably work with economic development, place or regional development, tourism, place branding or place marketing, rural development, urban planning or urban or property development, cultural development, cluster development or innovation at a municipality, regional government, town centre organisation, property developer, science park/cluster organisation or national government agency. 

Who can be a place leader? 

Almost anyone, is the short answer. A place is a diverse setting that often is developed by several organisations from the public, community and private sectors. A place leader is a person that coordinates, leads and orchestrates the work in this multiple stakeholder setting. Thus, a place leader can be an employee of a municipality, region, government agency, company, university or community organisation or a social entrepreneur.    

Fee and timing

Fee: € 1090 excl. VAT per person. € 890/person when two or more from one organisation sign up. 

The course starts 1 March and takes place once weekly during March. 


Do get in touch with course director Marcus Andersson.


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Place Leadership Training

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Fee: € 1090 excl. VAT per person. € 890/person when two more from one organisation sign up.

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