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Onboarding New Employees for Talent Attraction

3 Digital onboarding sessions for your team
€1995/(excl. VAT)
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Places across the world have entered the race in full force to position themselves as career destinations for global talent. And now they need to adapt to a post pandemic world or changes in the industry related to remote work and talent preferences.

As you are either building your team to work in the human capital arena or looking for inspiration to optimize your current efforts, this onboarding package might be just the kick-start your team needs.

In 2 online sessions Future Place Leadership will cover everything we know about talent and places from 15+ years of working in the industry across Europe.

At the 3rd session we then zoom in on your specific challenges and dive into how best practices and principles from Europe (and beyond) can help drive change and impact in the strategic initiatives of your organization and / or the task and responsibilities of an individual employee. 

Top 3 Benefits

  • Understand the industry of talents and places and its developments
  • Be inspired by best practices in the market
  • Get coaching support to develop an action plan to go do

“We have been doing this for more than a decade. As doers from strategy to action employed directly at regional development agencies to now turned advisors to places on how work with international talent attraction and retention. We are simply excited to share everything we know and the latest trends in the landscape.” Morten King-Grubert, Future Place Leadership

Who should participate?

Newly hired employees or a business unit seeking new inspiration as representatives from a city, municipality, region or national level invested in economic development, place marketing, place attractiveness and the human capital agenda. You may work for the public sector in a policy unit seeking input for operationalization of a strategy, or a more hands on economic development, growth, business development arm. 


Session 1: The industry at large

  • The business case – How does talent attraction and retention fit into economic development?
  • Talent Attraction Management for places – Methodologies for working in this field and the role of the project manager
  • The Copenhagen and State of Denmark journey from FDI to talent attraction and retention.
  • The International House concept on soft landing and retention

Session 2: Best practices from Europe

  • What happens when employers and the place start collaborating on the talent agenda?
  • How to do digital talent attraction campaigns for places
  • Ambassador networks as promotion and retention enablers
  • Best practice from Europe on how places can attract and retain international talent 

Session 3: Bringing it together

  • Deep dive into what matters to you
  • Discussion of your biggest challenges
  • Short and long term action plan

Fee and timing

Fee: € 1995 excl. VAT per business unit. Sign up or email us and we’ll agree on the best timing.


Get in touch with course director Morten.

The training is held by Place Leadership Academy. We and our sister brand Future Place Leadership specialise in creating better, more attractive and sustainable places through innovation, marketing and leadership. 

See you soon! 

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    Onboarding New Employees for Talent Attraction

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      €1995/(excl. VAT)

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