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Placemaking in the Nordics: co-creation and innovation

Photo: Ann Kristin van Zijp Nilsen

Placemaking in the Nordics is a co-creation project about attractiveness, safety, identity and value of places.

May 2019-May 2020

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#NordicPlacemaking will develop new methods and tools for making cities and public spaces more attractive and safe. The project is designed to add value to ongoing (or potential) public space projects for participating cities.

How can something that has worked so well in cities like New York and Tokyo be adapted and applied in the Nordic countries? How have Canadian cities made their public spaces attractive during winter? What do smaller towns around the world do with placemaking?

The purpose of the project is to learn from past and current placemaking projects and best practices, explore challenges and success factors and develop and innovative toolkit adapted to Nordic conditions.

Benefits – With these tools, you will be able to improve the safety, attractiveness and value of your cities by creating better public spaces based on the inspiration and feedback that we as well as other participants give to you ongoing or potential projects.

We will have ca 20 participating cities and real estate developers.

The issue

Neglected and unsafe places are a well-known problem. Around the globe, placemaking has been an approach to meet this challenge with very positive results. It is a matter of leveraging the assets and resources of a place to improve the well-being of the inhabitants and create a safe place, with a defined identity, making it more attractive and valuable.

How can a method that has worked so well in cities like New York, Tokyo and Bradford be applied in the Nordic countries?

The initiative comes from LINK Arkitektur, Future Place Leadership and the Safer Sweden Foundation.

What is placemaking?

Placemaking means creating attractive and inclusive urban environments by designing multiple activities and mixed uses for a place on a continuous basis.

It’s a multi-disciplinary approach with ground in urban design, planning and place management. PPS (Project for Public Spaces) describes placemaking as “a collaborative process that brings people together to create the great public spaces at the heart of their communities.”

The objective is to create vibrant public spaces that contribute to people’s health, happiness, safety and well-being.

The scope

The project focus is the Nordic region, building on the experiences of the participants and relevant case studies. Interviews, surveys, case studies, co-creation workshops and dialogue will be used as methods. Best practice will be highlighted both from the region and internationally. The aspects of greatest interest will be safety, building identity and attractiveness, and long-term value creation.

What do you, as a participant, get out of the project?

Participating in the project will give you:

  • deep understanding and knowledge about the tools and methods which are used to achieve attractive and safe places with a clear identity and increased value. Also an understanding of the challenges, obstacles and success factors involved.
  • a role in the process of co-creating a common toolbox and terminology unique to Nordic conditions
  • an opportunity to share experiences with other participants and practitioners facing the same or similar challenges as you do
  • a wide, cross-disciplinary network with other actors who work with placemaking in the Nordics – both public and private
  • inspiration enabling you to see opportunities to create more attractive and safer areas/places close to you

This is included in the programme:

  • Participation for up to three people in the co-creation and experience exchange workshops in the project. These will take place in different places in the Nordics, in convenient locations with respect to travel.
  • Continuous exchange of experience through a digital project platform run by the project management.
  • Direct access to a concrete and useful ‘Placemaking in Nordics toolkit’.


The recruitment of project participants will begin in February 2019, and individual start-up meetings with the participating organisations will be held. In mid May 2019 meet for experience-sharing, strategy work and inviting guest speakers. Case studies will be produced during this period, and form the basis of developing methodology and tools. In late Autumn 2019, we will meet for a second seminar focusing on case studies, workshops and tools.

Participation fee

  • Government agencies/departments € 12 900
  • Municipalities/regions € 9 900 (>100 000 inhabitants)
  • Municipalities/regions € 6 900 (<100 000 inhabitants)
  • Businesses € 9 900
  • NGOs/associations € 3 900

For more information

DOWNLOAD flyer and prospectus of the project.

Contact us:

Marcus Andersson

Future Place Leadership / Place Leadership Academy
+46 70 867 36 34


Petra Svensson Gleisner

LINK Arkitektur
+46 70 271 57 59


Cornelis Uittenbogaard

Stiftelsen Tryggare Sverige / Safer Sweden
+46 76 340 89 99