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Taking digitalisation for destinations to the next level

“Digitalisation has left no segment of the travel ecosystem untouched. Advances in technology are spurring innovation, growth and globalisation in the tourism industry and redefining notions of travel altogether. One big advantage of digitalisation is the ability to harvest data and analytics. Consumers want to feel special and expect hyper personalisation of service and experience. Travel is essentially about connecting people and places. Leveraging technology such as near-universal high-speed internet connectivity, search and geolocation technologies, mobile payments and social platforms, these connections have evolved and one industry-changing development has been the explosion of the sharing economy.”

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We invite 15-20 partner organisations to join the Innovation Lab for the purpose of co-creating and becoming digital tourism frontrunners.  

We will tackle these challenges: How to digitalise your place for visitors? How to do it best-in-class? How to maximise the output with the resources your place has, whether you are a small city or municipality with scarcer resources, or a national level player.

Why join now?

The tourism industry has been going through rapid digitalisation the past years, in fact it has been at the forefront of digital innovation, and only continues to be transformed at an exponential rate in the post pandemic world. In addition to that, the demand for sustainable solutions has exploded – digitalisation and creative thinking plays a huge part in responding to that demand.


In 2019 we ran the Digitalisation for Attractive Places project with 12 different Nordic regions and municipalities. The participants applied tools and strategies for digitalisation, such as Service Design, co-created new tools and prototyped and innovated new digital solutions. The critical insights from the project are compiled in a handbook for inspiration and knowledge sharing. You can find it for free here: Handbook on Digital Transformation for Attractive Places


Project participants pay a fee according to their category and number of
inhabitants of their location. Up to three participants per partner can
participate in each meeting*:
National government agencies and ministries……………………….€ 9,900
City/regional organisations (more than 100,000 inhabitants)…………€ 5,900
City/regional organisations (between 50,000-100,000 inhabitants)..€ 4,900
City/regional organisations (less than 50,000 inhabitants)…………….€ 3,900
Clusters and science parks……………………………………………………€ 3,900
*Partners that wish to bring more than three participants to a meeting
can do so for a small additional fee.

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