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Digitalisation for Attractive Places: Tourism

Place Leadership Academy & ustwo
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Cities and regions aim to grow their economy, innovation capacity and improve the welfare of their citizens. This is why digitalisation is high on their agenda, even having become a hygiene factor.

Many services provided by cities are expected to be provided digitally or have digital applications to improve their impact. Whether it is social services, traffic, utility systems, care for the elderly, education or open data for smart cities – digitalisation affects cities, and the services they provide.

How can cities become leaders in digital transformation?

Handbook on Digital Transformation for Attractive Places

In 2018, we together with ustwo ran the first edition of the project Digitalisation for Attractive Places together with people from 12 different regions and municipalities. We collected the project learnings, in a toolbox for inspiration and knowledge sharing. If you are curious, here is the handbook!

In 2020-21, we will help Nordic cities and regions digitalise tourism. Tourism is one of the industries and aspects of a place that is undergoing heavy digitalisation. How to avoid reinventing the wheel? How digitalise your place for visitors? How to do it well? Can it be done with scarce resources?

Download the project description here


Project participants pay a fee according to their category and number of inhabitants of their location. Up to three participants per partner:

  • National government agencies and ministries: € 9,900
  • City/regional organisations (more than 100,000 inhabitants): € 5,900
  • City/regional organisations (between 50,000-100,000 inhabitants): € 4,900
  • City/regional organisations (less than 50,000 inhabitants): € 3,900
  • Clusters and science parks: € 3,900


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