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Co-creating the Future of Talent Attraction for Cities and Regions

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Due to popular demand, we are relaunching our leadership journey on how places can co-create the future of talent attraction in a post pandemic world. After participants from 8 countries across Europe completed the first round in the fall of 2021, quite a few places have contacted us asking to join as well. The waiting list is open again!

Access to talent has become a key competitive advantage for places.  How can capitals, non-capital, smaller cities and regions improve their capacity to attract and retain talent for innovation and growth. Talents have traditionally preferred to live, work and stay in metropolis hubs as part of urbanisation tied with a perception of greater career opportunities. Thus, often one may think smaller places have lost the game already. However, considering primarily the lifestyle and career preferences of the younger generations coming into the workforce as well as the aftermath of the pandemic, we have noticed that now is the time for smaller places to shine, and for bigger places to reinvent their value proposition.

About the course

Participants will learn and get inspiration from each other, and from relevant global cases provided by the Academy, with carefully selected guest speakers – and by co-creating the future solutions together. The service design rests on Design Thinking principles tailored to a placemaking and place attractiveness context in 4 phases:

1. Discovery: What is really the challenge behind the problem?

2. Solution design: How might we solve it?

3. Prototyping and testing: What could strategic initiatives and quick wins look like?

4. Implementation: How do we launch it and lead the change?

Course benefits

  • A proven methodology for how places can attract and retain global talents
  • Insights from guest speakers and global best practice cases
  • The opportunity share own challenges and receive peer feedback from others in the same situation
  • Uncover remote work, Gen Z, digital nomads and other industry trends
  • A toolkit for how places can stand out and act
  • A platform to start future cooperation initiatives with other regions
  • Coaching support on how to implement your own state of the art solution

Fee & Timing

Entities representing <   50.000 inhabitants € 3900 excl VAT.

Entities representing < 100.000 inhabitants € 4900 excl VAT.

Entities representing > 100.000 inhabitants € 5900 excl. VAT.

Includes programme participation and 5 hours of one to one coaching by Place Leadership Academy. Excludes travel and lodging in case of a physical event.

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