Our upcoming innovation projects

Co-creation lab


In the Co-Creation Lab you can work with us and your international colleagues from cities and regions in our innovation and co-creation projects.

As the competition gets tougher and resources tighter, there is a strong need for municipalities, cities and regions to innovate the way they work with talent attraction, urban development, place branding, investment promotion and destination development. 

Our co-creation lab is comprised of a range of innovation projects and innovation labs. By learning and getting inspiration from each other and from best practices – and by co-creating the future solutions – our lab will help your place succeed in the competition for talent, investments and visitors. 

Innovation and development projects have for a long time been a unique speciality of our sister brand, Future Place Leadership. Starting in spring 2020, all new innovation projects will be launched under the Place Leadership Academy brand. We have over the last few years successfully implemented projects on digitalisation for places, placemaking and talent attraction

How does it work?

Each project or lab typically have 10-25 members that all participate and co-finance the project. The innovation projects run from 5-12 months and the innovation labs are based on an annual membership. Thanks to our well developed facilitation methods, the projects are cost-efficient and allow us to go from first idea to final result in less than a year.   

More info

Contact Marcus Andersson for more information on our upcoming projects or suggest what area you would like us to help you innovate.